The Giclée process is digital printmaking with an ink-jet printer, that places minute droplets of ink to create prints that cannot be duplicated by other printing techniques. Because there is no visible dot screen pattern, the resulting image has all of the subtle tonalities of the original. 

In order to achieve a faithful reproduction of artwork a three part workflow must be adhered to;


A high resolution digital file generated directly from the artwork using a high quality capture device.


An ink-jet printer with a minimum set of 10 pigment inks.


An archival substrate, 100% acid free and ph neutral.

The accuracy of colour, tone and detail is reliant on the technical skills and knowledge of the technician, particularly at the point of artwork capture. 

"How does ACME work?"

The workflow at ACME uses both a Hasselblad scanning and photographic system, a printer with an 11 pigment based ink-set and the highest quality archival papers available. We offer papers and media that match artists originals, be it hot pressed or cold pressed papers, canvas or other... With 30 years experience reproducing oil paintings, watercolour and finely detailed works on paper, we've come understand the importance of this workflow, how it affects the reproduction of your work and can achieve the highest quality reproductions, prints of your digital creations or photographic works.

James Calder - Master Printer

Acme et al is based in Yarra Glen, in the Yarra Valley. It offers boutique printing and scanning co-owned and operated by James Calder. James has worked as a photographer and specialist photographic printer for more than 30 years. James co-founded ACME Black + White in 1995 after many years as principal photographer at the Aeronautical Research Laboratories. He has been involved in digital photography from the early 90s and has experienced the incredible advances in this form. This has given James a comprehensive understanding of colour control, premium output media, and producing optimum results. His critical eye for colour and detail has won him the respect of many within the industry.


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