Greeting Cards


Our artist cards are customised and printed in small volumes ready for you to sell or wholesale your own greeting cards!  

Giclée Artist Cards || $70 / 20 cards || $3.50 per card 

These cards are printed on Crane 100% cotton rag paper and come with matching lick and stick envelopes.

Choose your size card:
Small - 115 x147mm
Large - 140 x187mm 
Square - 140x140mm
Pano - 110x240mm

Minimum order quantity is 20 per size. Each order may be shared amongst multiple artworks.


Our Crystal Clear Envelopes perfectly fit all our card sizes so your cards are packaged, beautifully presented and ready to sell.



Please give us a call on 03 9730 1552 or email us to arrange a time.

We have no set hours, but work with you by appointment from our farm studio in Steels Creek.