Artwork up to 1.5m2 - Flat rate 50.00
Really? Yep. Here's why.

ACME uses a Hasselblad multi-shot scanning and photographic system. The highest quality digital file from your original artwork.

Artwork up to 1.5 meters square are reproduced in house, larger works can be achieved by arrangement. High resolution digital files are supplied for reproduction at 100% of the artwork size and low resolution files supplied for web use.

Completed jobs are supplied on CD/DVD, supplied USB stick or emailed via dropbox, we transfer or equivalent.

Fine Art + Photographic

Our prices are categorised by; FINE ART Papers and PHOTOGRAPHIC Papers.

Our fine art papers are 100% cotton rag, natural finish, acid free and only archival when pigment inks are used. We match all our digital papers to traditional artist and darkroom papers to ensure an authentic reproduction.

Our prints sizes range from a postage stamp to A0+ to 1.1m wide. 

We never automate or standardise.


Fine Art

We offer fine art greeting cards to accomodate for artist who aim to produce cards on cotton rag paper. Our cards are delivered colour accurate, personalised and with a matching envelope.

Fine card sizes available: Sizes: Small - 115 x147mm, Large - 140 x187mm. Matching envelope included.
100% Cotton Rag Matt (Crane) paper. 

Fine Art Prints + Greeting Cards  

Crystal Clear Envelopes. If you're planning on selling your artwork, photographs, cards, illustrations or need them stored safely, protect them using ACME's crystal clear archival bags. These clear bags really are crystal clear with a transparency that looks like glass! Made from archival quality Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene they are not only crystal clear, but acid free, very stable and helps keep out dust and moisture while allowing for potential off gassing of the contents. The peel and seal lip closure is resealable making our crystal clear bags great for merchandising as well as archiving your prints and other valuable items.

Sizes: A6, DL, A5, A4, A3, A3+, A2




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