We reproduce original artworks for artists, galleries, museums, collectors, art dealers and conservators. 

The workflow at ACME uses a Hasselblad scanning and photographic system. Achieving the highest quality digital file from original artwork.

Completed jobs are supplied on CD/DVD, supplied USB stick or emailed via dropbox.

Artwork up to 1.5 meters square are reproduced in house, larger works can be achieved by arrangement. High resolution digital files are supplied for reproduction at 100% and low resolution files supplied for web.

SCAN Artwork up to 1.5m2 - Flat rate 50.00 
Really? Yep. Here's why.  


ACME's pigment ink-jet printers ensure colour-faithful prints of digital artwork and artwork reproduction. We only use pigment inks of the very best quality, on the highest grade paper. We deliver to every client long-lasting and accurate colour matching, without fading or bleeding, using an eleven inkset. Our system is ideal for photographic prints, limited edition prints or exhibitions.

The regular papers we use are; Crane, Hahnemhle, Ilford, and Canson in smooth, textured, gloss or matte, and canvas.Our fine art papers are 100% cotton rag, natural finish, acid free and only archival when pigment inks are used. 

We match all our digital papers to traditional artist and darkroom papers to ensure an authentic reproduction. 

Our sizes range from postage stamp to up to 1.1m wide for custom sizes, or A6 to A0+ and full artists sheets. 

Who is handling your artwork? 
James! He's our master printer and explains it all here.  


Following the digital capture, each file produced is  cleanedcolour matched to the original artwork and formatted to your requirements. 

ACME offers a complete retouching service, from dust removal to major manipulation and restoration from prints and negatives.

All digital files are archived on location and externally to ensure artist's files are accessible at anytime and are kept safe.

And the best part? It's all part of our scanning fee.


We never automate or standardise. With 26 years experience reproducing oil paintings, watercolour and finely detailed works on paper, we have come to understand the importance of our workflow, how it affects the reproduction of your work and achieve the highest quality reproductions and prints.

We work to the individual need of each artist and build a solid working relationship to better understand your expectations.

Acme 20 Years Industry Experience